Sunday, December 31, 2006

Benifits of Singlewide Trailers Wen The Housing Bubble Pops

I been a readin bout this housing bubble but nobody is a talkin bout singlewide trailers, just big fancy houses.

They say, lots of peoples who bought big spensive houses is havin money trubles just payin the mortgage but folks who owns singlewides dont have that problem. I bought my 1975 Bubbas Dream singlewide used fer 1200 dollars cash an never worried bout payin the mortgage payment since.

Doan need central air, just got some used winder units. Aint got them fancy bells an wistles like them big houses tho. Aint got no theatre room, just got my TV at the foot of the couch. Aint got no garbage disposal, just push the left overs thu a hole in the floor and the pigs under the trailer take care of it. But since I put vinal skirtin around the bottom of my trailer, I cant do that no mo. Kinda miss that convenience tho, but the vinal skirtin sure is purty.

Had some truble wif the tax bill and the lectic bill tho. Even there , an ole single wide will help you out.

This piture shows how you can scrap out yore aluminun sidin wen you needs cash. Saw this down near Flemington wer a soul brotha used this economic strategy to help out in hard times.

You cant do that wif no fancy brick house!

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