Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bout Them 3 Fellers who died on that mountain

I wuz jus thinkin bout them three fellers who died on that mountain out west.

Me an Mabel did not make it to Oregon but I figure it must be mighty strange like the rest of the West. So it doan come as no surprise that somethin like this happened.

We seen how them roads stopped at the top of a cliff in Utah at them "overlook" places so we aint that surprised ifin the roads in Oregon stopped on one side of a mountain and started up on the other side.

It seems these fellers in Oregon had kinfolk on the other side of that mountain and they wanted to meet the next day.

You wudda thunk that they wud just drive around the mountain to meet them on the other side but they had to walk up to the tip top of that mountain and back down the other side to get thar! !

Lordy! Either there wernt no roads around that mountain or them fellers didnt have all ther oars in the water!

Theys been a lot on TV bout this story but no one ever talks bout this big question bout why them fellers had to cross over the tip top of that mountain to get to the other side!

The West is strange, Mighty strange!

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