Monday, November 27, 2006

Big Teats National Park

We drove over to Wyomin to the Big Teats National Park.

Yep, I see why the French trappers named them big mountains the tetons. Saw us lots of critters, purty mountains, and and injun tepee but no injun. Wuz gonna go up to Jellystone Park and see the boilin water an Yogi Bear but the weather man said snow wuz a commin down so we left real quick and headed south to Utah.


Idaho wuz a nice place too. But Mabel didnt like sayin the word "Idaho".

I tole her that she wernt the ho, and dont pay no never mind to who beez de ho.

She kept a sayin "Who de ho?", "You de ho?" No, "Idaho"

Poor girl. Liked to not got over it!

We liked Idaho a lot tho. Lots of nice peoples, big taters, and purty mountains


We never did make it to Lake Taco. The car broke down along the Alabama line so we figured we would skip it. When it wuz fixed we drove across Nevada to Idaho.

Nevada wuz a rite nice state. They had a highway that went across it with out stoppin at one red light.

But you gots to read the fine print there on all the prices. You think you gots a good deal at a truck stop fer sumthin and the price aint really that cheap. You gots to wait on a rebate to get the cheap price. Plus lots of folks was a sittin at these things they call slut machines and puttin money in em all day long. Mighty strange.


Mabel wanted to go see the Gulf so we drove over to this place called Frisco on the Alabama coast somewhere near Mobile I reckon. I'd been warned that folks wuz mighty strange in Frisco so we didnt go into town there but stayed over on the other end of the bridge.

The Gulf was rite purty at Frisco but a feller wud hafta to be a mountain goat to get down to the beach!

That wuz the last straw! It wuz one thing to hafta lug yore cooler cross the dunes to the beach in Florida but this Alabama wierdness wuz a gettin too much fer me so I tole Mabel that since she was so disappointed in Silicon Valley, I would take her to the Big Teats National Park in Wyoming an we would stop in Lake Taco in Nevada on the way.

So we left right then fer Lake Taco.

Napa Valley

We went to Napa Valley figurin that finding a Napa Auto Parts store there would be a cinch. Couldnt find none. This place aint wut I exspected either!

Lots of rich winos out there tho.

All them Napa Vally peoples was rite friendly and nice but drinkin wine wuz real importiant to them. And the food was right strange too. They call their resturants "Bistros". We went lookin fer grits and gravy in sum Bistros but none of them had it. An breakfast cost us 25 bucks!

But everythin was decked out real nice with purty flowers an stuff. We stayed in a real nice place wif decks and Buddas an a hot tub and a gong.

Waterfall National park.

We left the Big Tree and drove over to the Waterfalls National Park wer the Alabamians worship this big holy waterfall. It wuz a rite nice waterfall. Aint never seen nothing to beat it back in Florida. But we could not get up next to it cause of all the trafic frum the worshipers.

So we jus hung out in this big pasture and took sum pitures.

We left the Waterfall Park and drove over to Silicon Valley to get some silicon inhancements fer Mabels figure. Looked all around but couldnt find no silicon inhancements in Silicon Valley!

Dont that beat all! This Alabama aint wut I reckoned it wud be.

I then figured I'd drive over to Napa Valley and get me sum Napa Auto Parts since I wuz needin a new hose clamp fer the car.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Big Tree National Park

We drove that purty little rental car out of the Alabama Hills to Big Tree National Park.

Lordamercy! I seen why lumber is so expensive these days! They had all them big trees jus a standin there and nobody wud cut em fer the lumber cause the enviromentalist peoples wouldnt let em! A feller could build a mess of houses frum just one of them trees! No wunder a 8 ft two by four is over two dollars today!

An every time I'd bring this up them peoples out thar wud look at me like I wuz crazy or somethin! Alabama shore is a mighty strange place!

The Alabama Hills

Howdy Yall,

I jus gots to tell yall about me an Mabel"s trip out West to see the Alabama Hills. Cousin Lonnie told me that I outta go out West someday. And since I aint never been west of the Suwannee, or aint never been to Alabama,I figured that we got to go out West and see the Alabama Hills.

Lonnie gots me an Mabel some airplane tickets to a big gambling place out West called Lost Wages that I think is somewhere near Boloxi.

We rented us a real nice car in Lost Wages that you didnt need to shift gears to drive ,or need a handle to roll the winderes up, wif lots of computer lookin lights in it, and set off fer the Alabama Hills.

We stopped on the way in a place called Deaf Valley were it wuz mighty hot and dry. Looks like they wuz a having a bad drought there. Got to the Alabama Hills later that day and it wasnt wut I expected! I didnt believe this cud be the Alabama Hills at furst. So I drove smack dab into the middle of em and de road ended and it had to be the Alabama Hills.

Who wudda thought that Alabama had hills like this!

The West aint wut I spected it to be!