Friday, December 4, 2009

Chasin them paper stocks

Howdy Yall,

I aint doing much bloggin fer a wile cause I been a chasin them paper stocks.

I usta be in the livestocks business but I got tired of mendin fence in the hot sun and pullin calves at midnite an swattin skeeters so I figured I wud try my hand at chasin paper stocks.

It is a much better deal.

Jus sit at yore computer in the airconditin an figur wut paper stocks to buy. An wen them stocks go up in price you sell and keep the difference!

But it aint as easy as it sounds. It aint hard work like puttin in a new fence line in hard clay in July, but it is hard in other ways.

Sometimes them stocks dont go up, but go down ,an you lose money. Sometimes you cant sleep at nite and watch them cable stock shows from China jus to see wut their stocks is doin. Some times you watch this crazy feller named Kramer throw stuffed animals at the TV an talk his talk bout stocks.

But you learns new stuff about longs, shorts, an dillutions so you can talk trash at the next family reunion.

Lots of it is common sense.

Dont give your money to no one named Madeoff cause his fambly name tells you that his kin made off with the money before.

Wen a debt crisis happen in a country called Daubi, dont sell, but do buy more.

Little things like that.

More tips later.