Sunday, December 31, 2006

The First Church of The John Deere 650

I wuz talkin to cousin Lonnie bout how bad property taxes is these days and he tole me that churches doan pay no property taxes. That gots me a thinkin bout startin a church on my property to help wif the tax bill.

We are now takin members fer the First Church of the John Deere 650, The Honorable Buck Nekid presidin!

We meets every Sunday at noon in the Good Ole Boy Trailer at Beaulaland, Wacahoota, Florida. Good Gospel singin and inspirational sermons weekly. Red Dog Beer served as sacraments.

First surmons, "Goin Thru Life Without a Root Rake", and "Wen Yore Hydralic Hoses Burst an You Gotta Shut Her Down." and " Runnin at 1500 RPMs"

Yall Come by an see us.

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