Sunday, March 4, 2007

A schisim in the First Church of the John Deere 650!

Weez been a havin troubled times at the First Church of the John Deere 650. The congregation is full of deep thinkers and sometimes folks gets riled up over them deep philosophical questions and we cant agree.

Now we all agree on the Gospel, the Holy Ghost, and Revelations. We can settle our diferences on Steering Clutches, Torque Converters, Root Rakes, Roll Over Protection Structures, and Final Drives, but the Counter rotation issue is tore us apart.

The John Deere aint got no Counterrotation. You steer by lockin one track. With the other track movin it turns the dozer. The Case 850K LGP gots counter rotation. When you turn hard, one track turns one way and the other track turns another.

I wont wade through the pros and cons of Counter rotation cept say that we now got two congregations a meetin at the trailer. The First Church of the John Deere 650 which meets there in the morning and the The First Church of the Case 850K LGP that meets there in the afternoon. The Honorable Buck Nekid presides at both services.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Gettin yore truck ready fer summer

It is that time of year. The dogwoods and the azeleas is a bloomin, and the temp is gettin into the 80s an I heered a skeeter the other day so you now winter is bout over.

Its time to gets yore truck ready fer summer.

Furst. Take the duct tape off the dash vents. They stopped the cold air frum comming thru the dash in the winter time but now that aint no problem. Then puts the battery powered fan on yore dashboard.

It sore is nice wen spring comes and the bitter cold winter is gone!