Monday, December 11, 2006

Home to Wacahoota

We left the Sand Canyon and drove back to Lost Wages an caught our plane back to Florida. I shore did enjoy our trip out west but it was good to get back home to Wacahoota.

I thought that I had seen it all but you never really know what is out there till you cross the Suwannee.


Anonymous said...

I bet them people were glad to see you and Mabel get off the plane......leastwise, I think I would of.

Buck Nekid and Mabel Wonderful said...

I donno fer sure. But we wuz happy to get back to our single wide in the deep woods near Wacahoota.

Now that it has all sunk in I a thinkin I cud be a travel writer. If anyone knows a travel place that needs some different type writers jus give us a holler.

Them European Peoples gets tired of the all them turist traps and is thurstin fer something authentic. Well, we gots some singlewide traiers we cud sell time shares fer.But Ima still workin on em so it wont be till next spring befo they are ready.

I dont think we is gonna go on a big trip like that again. Too hard on the body and billfold. I gots tired of takin off my boots every time I went thru the radar at the airport too.

I figure my travel writin is gonna be done closer to home. I am thinkin of doing one called "Classic Singlewide Mobile Homes of North Florida"

Anonymous said...

I bet one of the local small town newspapers might be interested in your type of writing.