Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fung Shoe and the Single wide trailer

I've been a readin a lot bout this Fung Shoe stuff. They say it is a special way of arrangin yore livin space in best harmony wif the celestial universe or somethin like that. I seen a lot of writins on Fung Shoe fer big fancy houses but I aint never seen nothin bout Feng Shoe in the single wide trailer so I figured I wud write bout it myself.

This pitcher shows a vintage 1968 Homelite chain saw wif a 20 inch bar in the middle of 6 Red Dog Beer bottles in the bay winder of my 1975 Bubbas Dream singlewide trailer.!Lookie how the setting sun frum the west shines on them beer bottles, wile the bar of the chain saw points to the east!

That is Fung Shoe if I ever seen it!

And this whole shootin match is rite at the exact tip of the bay winder so it now I gots a Fung Shoe Triangle in my singlewide!!!!

This gives my trailer Triple Fung Shoe Paramid Power!

Cousin Lonnie tole me that this Fung Shoe power will protect my singlewide frum tornadoes and sinkholes but not the repo man.

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