Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I wuz lookin fer some nice art to class up the Good Ole Boy Trailer at one of them high falootin art sites. I wuz lookin fer sum velvet paintins of Elvis, or Elvis at the Last Supper or meybe a paintin of them dogs playin poker. I expected to pay top doller fer them as you gots to pay fer quality. I had 50 dollars that I pulled out of my billfold sittin by the computer to buy this art.

An this is wut I found fer THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Sum feller who thinks mighty high of hisself made this creation which looks like a broke gate hinge, hangin on a bolt, wif two rusted out eye bolts a hangin down on a wire an he is askin THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS fer it!

Artist Name: Robert Carston Arneson
Category: Sculpture
Title: Earth Hangup
Signed: Unavailable
Size: 64"H x 7"W x 4"D
Medium: Ceramic
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract/Modern
Created: Circa 1970
Price: $35,000
Ad Number: AAIG52457

Lordy! If this is worth that then I am richer than I ever knowed! If that is valuable art then I gots plenty of valuable art layin around the trailer that I will let go fer half that price!

Wait till I tell Cousin Lonnie bout this!


SwampWoman said...

Holy sh**! I got the entire gate what that came out of! If the hinge is worth $35,000, the whole damn gate awt to be hangin' in some corprate headquarters somewheres (thems the fellers too sensitive to have a Confederate flag on the flag pole) and be a steal at $100,000.

Now I just need to dig through the buckets o' nails rusted together, ol' scraps of rebar, ol' bulldozer tracks, rusty metal roofing pieces and bob war to sell to the people that gots too much money and nothin' useful to use it fer. I figger there's enough stuff stacked around the barn to make us billionaires before we get it half sold.

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