Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Redneck Yard Art

Folks! I gots this valuable piece of Redneck Yard Art that I will sell to the highest bidder! It doan hafta all be in cash. I will take part in trade fer tractors, trucks, hound dogs, guns or power tools.

Cousin Lonnie says it is two of the legendary four sawhorses of The Apocalyse and only comes up fer sale every hundered years or so so this as a rare opportunity fer you art peoples to get this timeless masterpiece!

Here is the skinny on this here art work.

ArTist / Buck Nekid
Title : Sawhorses of the Apocalyse
Provinence: From the livin Estate of Buck Nekid
Style: Redneck Yard Art
Price: Biddin starts at five thousand dollars. Biddin stops July 4th.

Viewing, Artwork can be viewed at the Good Ole Boy Trailer at Beaulaland near Wacahoota, Florida. Jus go to Wacahoota an aske bout Buck an Mabels Place and they will tell you how to gets there.


SwampWoman said...

Well, I'll be. I don't think I kin take no arty photos like that fer them art catalogues. Maybe the next time relatives come in to town and we have to have an extry table and throw an ol' door over our sawhorses fer the younguns, I'll not use an oil cloth and sell the door with BBQ stains, grease spots, and spilled tea and all as a piece of original art. Echos of meals past sounds like a good name fer it, too.

SwampWoman said...

Reckon I could pry open some o' them ol' rusty paint cans layin' around just in case we ever need it, give them younguns some paint brushes, an ol' rag, a couple chickens and maybe a cat, and tell 'em to have at the old rusty corn silo. That there could be some of that high dollar art, plus it'd keep the younguns out from underfoot for a couple hours.

Buck Nekid said...

Swampwoman, Them is all first rate IDs! Lordy! "Echos of meals past" That sounds high dollar to me!

Wezea gonna be rich if we cud jus find enuf fools with more money than common sense to buy our art. I hear tell theys lots of fools like that in Washington and New Yawk City.

I reckon Washington might jus give out a government grant fer a Yard Art Museum. And a feller in New Yawk City sold a paintin of soup cans fer a million dollars so that place must be ate up wif rich fools.

I never knowed the American Dream wud be so easy! Call yer junk art and get rich! Lordy! What next? A TV show where a panel of experts travel round the country to appraise redneck yard art?

Is this a great country or what?