Monday, November 27, 2006

Waterfall National park.

We left the Big Tree and drove over to the Waterfalls National Park wer the Alabamians worship this big holy waterfall. It wuz a rite nice waterfall. Aint never seen nothing to beat it back in Florida. But we could not get up next to it cause of all the trafic frum the worshipers.

So we jus hung out in this big pasture and took sum pitures.

We left the Waterfall Park and drove over to Silicon Valley to get some silicon inhancements fer Mabels figure. Looked all around but couldnt find no silicon inhancements in Silicon Valley!

Dont that beat all! This Alabama aint wut I reckoned it wud be.

I then figured I'd drive over to Napa Valley and get me sum Napa Auto Parts since I wuz needin a new hose clamp fer the car.

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