Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Alabama Hills

Howdy Yall,

I jus gots to tell yall about me an Mabel"s trip out West to see the Alabama Hills. Cousin Lonnie told me that I outta go out West someday. And since I aint never been west of the Suwannee, or aint never been to Alabama,I figured that we got to go out West and see the Alabama Hills.

Lonnie gots me an Mabel some airplane tickets to a big gambling place out West called Lost Wages that I think is somewhere near Boloxi.

We rented us a real nice car in Lost Wages that you didnt need to shift gears to drive ,or need a handle to roll the winderes up, wif lots of computer lookin lights in it, and set off fer the Alabama Hills.

We stopped on the way in a place called Deaf Valley were it wuz mighty hot and dry. Looks like they wuz a having a bad drought there. Got to the Alabama Hills later that day and it wasnt wut I expected! I didnt believe this cud be the Alabama Hills at furst. So I drove smack dab into the middle of em and de road ended and it had to be the Alabama Hills.

Who wudda thought that Alabama had hills like this!

The West aint wut I spected it to be!


Buck Nekid and Mabel Wonderful said...
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Anonymous said...

Most of the time I consider blogs a complete waste of time--like reading someone's diary or getting someone's opinion when you didn't ask for it, so when I accidentally land on one I usually run like crazy because I have Attention Deficit Disorder and waste too much time as it is. I haven't perused anyone's blog too heavily in years until today when I found yours. But come to think of it, yours is a waste of your time because your vocabulary is so broad and your creativity is off the charts, but you are letting people read this for FREE! It ain't right. You should write a book. I'm sure you've got what it takes. Then you can use the royalties as a supplement to your 'window account'---your IRA plan. Give it shot. You don't have anything to lose. In the meantime, thanks for sharing. Signed , a single wide trailer dweller in eastern Kansas.