Monday, November 27, 2006


Mabel wanted to go see the Gulf so we drove over to this place called Frisco on the Alabama coast somewhere near Mobile I reckon. I'd been warned that folks wuz mighty strange in Frisco so we didnt go into town there but stayed over on the other end of the bridge.

The Gulf was rite purty at Frisco but a feller wud hafta to be a mountain goat to get down to the beach!

That wuz the last straw! It wuz one thing to hafta lug yore cooler cross the dunes to the beach in Florida but this Alabama wierdness wuz a gettin too much fer me so I tole Mabel that since she was so disappointed in Silicon Valley, I would take her to the Big Teats National Park in Wyoming an we would stop in Lake Taco in Nevada on the way.

So we left right then fer Lake Taco.

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